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hidden strength 11x17 print


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an high-quality art print of an original 24x36in acrylic and airbrush painting. "hidden strength" is about finding empowerment as an entity that is often underestimated. jellyfish are not considered to be very bright. they move purely with instinct and yet still thrive in their environment. but don't let them fool you, their stings are deadly. notice the woman figure within the jellyfish?

this painting exudes an aura of mystery and resilience, brought to life by vibrant colors and the graceful presence of jellyfish. With its striking composition, this print embodies the duality of strength and hidden depths within oneself. Experience the transformative nature of this piece as it evokes a sense of wonder and introspection. Have you ever felt underestimated? this is a visual representation of the light you carry, the magnetic pull you have with others (symbolized by the fish) and how you can shine even while society is trying to make you smaller.