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"light figure" art print


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from an original acrylic 4x4 ft painting.

Size: 12x12 inch

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This piece was crafted with meticulous attention to detail, countless hours until it felt just right. this completed artwork is the first time i've truly felt like referring it to "fine art." I never understood what would qualify one to be called that. I've realized it is truly just from my perception of it. The interplay of light and shadow breathes life into the ethereal silhouette, evoking a sense of enchantment that transcends ordinary decor.

fine art: creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content - an activity requiring great skill or accomplishment.

Well, I appreciate the hell out of it.

The highlighted part of a book page that you may or may not be able to read says: "you have never experienced this moment before and never will again. the sounds of this moment have never been heard before. this moment's feelings have never been felt before. these words have never been read before"